Handiemail Handwritten Letter Service

Send real handwritten notes
without ever lifting a pen.

You type it. We'll hand-write it. Then mail it for you. Seriously.


In an age of emailing, texting and social media, we believe that sending real handwritten mail, both personally and professionally, is more important than ever.

“The average corporate email account sends or receives more than 100 emails per day, and Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 send or receive nearly 100 texts per day.”

“Handwritten Notes Are a Rare Commodity. They’re Also More Important Than Ever.” by John Coleman

“There’s still something to be said for taking the time to hand-write your thoughts...and send that real letter or card through the good old US Postal Service.”

“Why E-Mail Will Never Replace the Handwritten Note” by Jessica Kleiman

“Imagine this: right now you have 2,070 emails in your in-box and two handwritten notes on your desk. Which one do you think stands out the most?”

“Long Live the Art of Handwritten Notes (In the Business World)” by Kristian Schwartz

“Handwritten cards are an undervalued and underutilized business tool. When was the last time you received one via snail mail? Now when was the last time your email pinged?”

“How a Handwritten Note Can Make You Money” by Peter Gasca

“There’s no denying the wonders of electronic messages, but nothing captures a moment like putting pen to paper.”

“The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note” by Philip Hensher

“Despite the ease of digital communications, many people find there's no replacing the personal touch that comes with a handwritten letter.”

“The allure of an old-fashioned pen pal” by Kate Dailey

“[Handwritten notes] are costly, you have to take the time to think on every word and write it out, you have to fumble with stamps, and put the thing in the mailbox. And therein lies the inky rub: all those costs convey value to the person you’re writing to.”

“Woody Allen, Louis C.k., And The Power Of The Handwritten Note” by Drake Baer

“Perhaps a lost art form, the power of a thank you note, seems to be making a comeback in the business world.”

“Quick Tips: Handwritten notes making a comeback” by Regina Lewis

“Hand-addressed envelopes have an open rate from 99.2% to 100%.”

“The handwritten letter always delivers” by Cindy Zimmerman

“A personal touch can boost client loyalty, referrals, and overall business success.”

“Using Handwritten Thank-You Notes to Distinguish Your Business” by Katherine Gustafson

How it works


Start by sending us your message(s) and recipient(s). We'll take care of the rest.


In a few days, your handwritten mailing will arrive in your recipient's real mailbox.


Congrats! You've just sent a handwritten note without actually writing it yourself.

Handiemail Handwritten Letter Service

Get Started

Send a Letter

Curious to see how this works? Now you can send a letter anywhere in the world for just $9.95 (U.S.) or $10.95 (Int'l). If your letter is longer than 230 words, complete this form to get a quote.

Here's what's included:

  • Your message, handwritten on
    our specialty paper
  • Hand-addressed, premium envelope with First Class postage stamp
  • Snail-mailing your letter directly
    to the recipient on your behalf
  • Email notifications once
    the letter has been mailed
  • Photograph of the final letter

If your message is longer than 230 words, complete this form to get a quote.

Send a Bunch

Who has time to handwrite hundreds (or thousands) of notes? We do! We help sales folks connect with their customers, and individuals connect with their loved ones, better than an email ever could.

  • Whether you're looking for:
  • New business outreach
  • Our stationery or yours
  • Thank you cards
  • Notes with inserts
  • Hand-addressed envelopes only
  • This is just the beginning...

If you have any questions at all, check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us.

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